The dashboard is the first space that appears when you enter Ovysion.

​Four blocks with different colours indicate how many operators are online, how many active customers, calls have been made, and chats supported.

​On the left, there is a menu. By choosing an icon from the menu you can navigate within the platform.

​The icon with the gear symbol allows access to all configurations.

By clicking on the Settings icon, a page with a block divided into various rows appears:

  • Settings
  • Company information
  • Financial settings
  • Calendar settings
  • Services details

By clicking on the symbol to the right of every single item, the row expands.

By expanding the ‘settings’ row, we will find several fields where you can enter basic information such as:

company name, telephone etc.
the name of the site
Select the type of assistance: from here, you can select the type of service you want to offer to the customer. For example, a lawyer will choose the counselling item.

Once the information has been entered, it can be saved by clicking on the ‘save and update’ button.

By opening the next line, company information, a series of fields appear which, once filled in, will provide information for users who will view the search page.

What is the search page?

It is the page where your customers, any future collaborators or business partners can look for you through a TAG system.

The user can use the search bar, for example by typing ‘lawyer’, or choose the corresponding tag from the tags listed below.

If your profile matches the characteristics sought by the potential customer, your page will appear, and the customer can decide whether to enter your space by clicking on ‘enter in my office’.

So all the information you enter will be essential for your business!

The name of the company or professional must be entered in the first space.

The personalized name will automatically appear in the blue line.

For example, in the case of a lawyer named Mario Rossi, the link will be Http://Ovy.Me/Mario Rossi.


We started with the name of the platform and arrived at this diminutive. is easy to remember, to write and with the personalized name beside it becomes a sort of digital business card.

It is a personal identifier, a bit like a Twitter account.

The customer (or business partner) can easily remember and search for the name of the company or professional with whom he has a business relationship.

What else is

A workspace that you can organize, customize and where you can be reached by your customers as if they came to your office.

Fill in your page by entering your information, add your photo or your company logo.

Create your link, easy to remember and yours alone.

You can send it via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

Your potential customers remember you, they see who you are, what you do and can enter your space with a click.

A brief description of the company or professional activity follows, also visible on the search page.

Then you enter your professional field, chosen from a drop-down menu.

Then other essential information such as an address, social account, logo and finally, the company presentation or your presentation.

The next line concerns the financial settings, space where to enter the payment methods to receive compensation for the services released.

The first field is the one where to insert the IBAN.

The next line is service prices: from here, you can configure the costs per minute for the different ways of offering the service. The possibility to enter the expenses for the minutes follows.

The last line is to set up PayPal by entering the information released at the time of activation.

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