What does it mean to create an event from your calendar?

We thought of this new integration, a quick link to create an event in Ovy.me

Create easy-to-share links and to simplify customer contact, grow your audience and business.

It’s not just about saving time, it’s about building a better relationship and getting more for you and your customers every day.

​Just few steps to set up your event, invite people, share and receive payment!

You can choose when you want to be available and what type of event (public or private)

With the ‘event details’ button, you can create and manage your event.

Once the information such as event name, participants, permissions etc. has been entered, the link is automatically generated by the system. By entering the participant’s name, the email address will auto-populate and appear in the participant row. In this way the customer, who has been invited, will receive an email containing the link. The customer must click on the link and view the event page with the details of the event itself, for example cost and description.

The link that was self-generated during compilation can be easily copied to the clipboard by clicking on the ‘copy’ button. By clicking on the button, a pop up will appear which warns that the link has been copied to the clipboard, by clicking on ok the pop up will disappear.

The description field will contain the description of the event, for example, ‘yoga course for beginners in a relaxed atmosphere’.

You set the price (if the event will have a cost) and the currency.

The generated link will take you to the created event page which will be viewed by attendees who have received the link.

The page will show the details already entered during creation with the addition of two more lines.

By clicking on the symbol on the right, the row expands and allows the participant to register in the Ovysion space of the professional if he is not yet a client.

Clicking on the second row, you will see the possibility to participate in the event as a customer already registered in the Ovysion space

The list of events and users (the sub-item in the menu) summarizes in a page the events in progress or held with some details such as the name of the event, the date, the name of the customer etc. The pencil symbol at the end of each line allows you to modify the corresponding event.

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