In the platform you can quickly find the documents you need to work and share them with team members or your customers.

By clicking on the item in the files and documents menu, a screen opens where all the documents that have been loaded within the space are listed.

The page, in the central part, allows you to upload, by clicking on ‘click here or drag & drop your file here’ you can quickly insert the files.

There are two options ‘Convert to slide’ and ‘Downloadable’ which if selected before uploading the file allow you to convert a .PDF file (exclusively a .PDF file) into slides to be used for a presentation.

With the other option, a file can be downloaded.

The next part of the screen indicates the names of the uploaded files, the owner and whether the files are downloadable and convertible into slides or not. For example, if we want a file to be downloaded but not convertible into a slide, we can click on the symbols in the respective columns and set them as desired. As seen in the image for the ‘Case study’ file which appears to be downloadable (green flag) but not converted into a slide (red cross).

To share a file with a client or collaborator, simply click on the file row and a new line will appear on the page:

In the search client field, the customer’s name will be entered – after the first letters it will fill in itself -, you can click on the download and/or slide box and then by clicking on the ‘share the file’ button the file will be sent to the customer who will find it at the interior of its space under the menu item file and history.

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