The best way to start using Ovysion is to add the extension to your browser. 

Ovysion is different because it does not require, unlike other video meeting systems, downloads or installations.

​Since Ovysion works entirely in your browser, it can work with minimum requirements.

With you can:
• Have a real-time interaction with friends or customers 
• Have an alert when someone is calling you
• Answer the call
• Make a video call

A few simple steps to get started:

​Open your browser (Chrome or Mozilla) and go to the Chrome store by clicking on the following link: 



Click the add button and consent to Ovysion to log in. Once the operation is complete, this pop-up will appear:

To add Ovysion on Firefox click on the following link (the procedure is the same)

You can now login for the first time!

Whether you are a new user on his first login or a longtime user of you can register or access your account from this pop-up:

In case of first access, click on ‘free registration here’ you will see the following page:

It is also possible to register using the Google account by clicking on the appropriate button.

By logging in with Google, all your contacts will be imported and synchronized in your Ovy space. When you enter an appointment or event in your calendar, the Google one will be automatically synchronized and updated as well.

One last step before entering your space!

Once you are logged in this will appear:

What does ‘choose workspace’ mean?

Within the deck, you can be active and operational in more than one workspace. You can be the administrator of your personal space and possibly have operators (collaborators) who work with you, or in turn be an operator of another person’s workspace.

At the time of login, you can choose which access to make.

If you are present in more than one space, a drop-down menu will appear from which to choose the workspace. Once selected, click on ‘choose workspace’.

If, on the other hand, there is a need to change the workspace, click on ‘change user’ and select a different workspace.

It’s like being present in multiple locations, with different offices, but without having to move around in traffic!

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