About Us

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A bit of history, our philosophy and mission.

Our history

Ovysion represents a modern vision of work.
In a world where everything is separate and complicated, We have built an integrated platform to simplify the way we work.
Ovysion is a solution for companies and professionals to connect and organize work with customers even remotely so that they can work from home or other parts of the world. It’s also a hub where a network of professionals can help and collaborate to build and grow an online business.
We started from our experiences, our lifestyle and our choices. We created a virtual office that includes all the tools we use every day.
This business platform represents the company’s ideals around the meaning of work and lifestyle. Ovysion is a solution to work smoothly and grow faster.
Physical space is a reflection of the old culture. We are moving physical space and organizing a new way of working life.
Our Mission
We designed Ovysion as the future of work – to create and manage teams no matter where they are. Digital transformation is not technology but is about changing how people work.
We love to build products that help transform people’s lives. It is not just business.
The principles of our company are aimed at social, environmental and economic aspects. To empower and inspire you to live a better life.

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